MaiIchimp, oh MaiIchimp. How I despise you.

Howdiddleido neighbors, once again I will try to keep it short.
This Thread is about how to add any email to Mailchimp, bypassing their Filter and basically sending unlimited mails.

The Story:

So here I was, helping a friends company with migrating to maiIchimp, which I would not advise and am not a fan of. I cleaned, verified and validated their email list, and not to brag but it was as clean as some of those baby wipes.

However, not “clean” enough in MaiIchimps eyes. Their beautiful “algorithm” mostly checks if emails look real, so working in the gaming niche, I have to work with a lot of emails like [email protected] (just as an example),
for MaiIchimp this triggers pretty much all bells, a weird looking email address from a non-gmail domain, with a not top tier TLD.

Even though it is legit MaiIchimp won’t let you add a whole email list, even if one of those exists in your list; and their support is as helpful as a Scam-callcenter. So, in the end, I was forced to write a small tool, that “bypasses their filter” and adds the emails without any problems.

The Tool:

It is rather easy to explain, it simply adds the emails “manually” one by one to the list, since for that MaiIchimp does not have a filter.
With that, you are able to add however many&”bad” emails you want and send a campaign to them afterwards.

With 10 Threads, you can add around 4000 Emails per hour.
I would not suggest going over 10, as then their firewall might go a bit nuts.

So if you are using their free plan, you can send around 2000 Emails every 30 minutes, make a new account and repeat,…

What do I need this for?:

You might be wanting to add a legit email list, which is already being used by you or your client, but MaiIchimp is not letting you, or you might be wanting to spam email lists through MaiIchimp, using their 2000 free contacts plan (which I neither suggest nor endorse!). Whatever you want to do, this is the solution.

The proof:

To proof this whole “tool” works, I simply generated a list of random email addresses, which 99.99% aren’t real, through this web-based generator:

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 (not affiliated)

And started adding these to MaiIchimp:

[Image: eS8hAmd.png]

For the fun of it, I even sent a small campaign to a few of those:

(obviously, 0.0% opens as those are not real emails)
[Image: 8s746bK.png]



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How to use:

[Image: dhOOOuP.png]

1. Thread: Define how many Threads you want to use, depending on your Internet Connection.
(I would suggest not to go over 10 Threads due to their firewall.)

2. Email: Input the email of the Account you want to add Emails to.

3. Password: Input the password of that Account.

4. Email List: Input the Email List (.txt) you want to add to Mailchimp. (Added emails will get deleted from that file, so make sure to keep a copy!)

5. Added: Add an empty .txt file there, it will save all successfully added emails into this file, in case you want to keep an eye on that.


– For new Accounts, please make sure you have added security questions to your account:

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– When you run it the first time, you will very likely see a few errors in the log, nothing to worry about, that is very normal! However, If nothing happens within 5 minutes, check the browser windows and feel free to let me know if something weird is going on!

In Case of Errors/Issues:

– Please leave a comment with the error/issue below and I will guide you through it, just in case others have similar problems.
– Please make sure, you followed all the steps I told you to in the Direct Message!

(Moderators are very welcome to verify the “tool”, I will be sending virustotal links & instructions in each of the PMs)

I am not liable and I take no responsibility for what you do with this tool, and you are expected to know what you’re doing and making sure, that you are following mailchimp’s rules&ToS before using this.
The tool was made to make the task of adding emails manually to MaiIchimp easier.
You are responsible for your own actions.

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