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NOTE: It’s a working Software , Dont update and Please check readme file for instructions.

Powerful software capable of scanning the famous “yellow pages” lists to extract important information such as company names, addresses, telephone numbers, FAX and e-mail.

With this application you can perform 100% customizable searches to get targeted user targets. Just enter the category and location and search, and when you get the first page with the data click on the ” CAPTURE ” button and it’s done! All results will be extracted and formatted in a list that you can see before saving in a CSV file or in MS Excel format.

The program looks for lists of Italian and international yellow pages very quickly and efficiently. Once the search is complete, it will be possible to export all data to Excel. To extract also the email addresses go to Settings -> Data and select the box “Extract emails from websites”. 

Moreover it also allows to extract data from White Pages (via Trovanumeri.com source) and from lists of foreign yellow pages like yellowpages.com (USA), yellowpages.ca (Canada), Gelbenseiten (Germany), PaginasAmarillas.es (Spain), Local.ch (Switzerland), PagesJaunes.fr (France) etc. .. etc. Another very interesting source from which you can find a lot of information is that of YELP.IT

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[b]Disclaimer: [/b][i]This software is not cracked by mine and not belongs to me, it’s just a sharing purpose so if MOD has objection then i will remove this post.[/i]

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