Use this search engine and find lot’s of relevant, powerful authority, quality, dofollow free backlinks. Also find out .edu, .gov backlinks and some auto approved website from this free link building tools. And yes it’s totally FREE for use !!

Yes. You are absolutely right. Linksearching is a completely free link building tool for find free backlinks for ranking your website. With this tool, you can easily look for the right and authority website for link building. And this can be done without any payment!!! This is the first time! We brought this tool to find website for creating free backlinks. You might have known, the functions of SEO are almost impossible without building backlinks. A webmaster or SEO expert is always thirsty to build the quality backlinks.

Google said in his latest updates with more importance to create the quality and relevant backlinks. To rank your site in Google or other search engines is easy if you create good backlinks. And Linksearching offers you such a facility by that you can dig out relevant, authority and targeted backlink sites in no time. Put your keyword in the above search box and select the type of backlink. Then, search it and you will get your expected websites.
Why Backlink is Important

Backlink bears a high importance from the first of SEO function. We know, a backlink is like a vote. That means, how popular your website with the online world and the others, can be known by backlinks. So, link building is a must for SEO. But, it should be natural, relevant and helpful. In the past, despite the random link building, Google or other search engines would rank the websites. But, that time is gone. To rank your website, you need to create natural backlinks. Now, quality is more important than quantity. The backlink quality depends on some important factors like- domain age, PA, DA, page rank, engagement, and OBL. So, it is essential to put importance on these factors during looking for backlink website.

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