Ahem, it starts out like this:

From the desk of Mike Paul… 

What I’m about to show you almost seems like magic, but I assure you its not.

Its a way for any dedicated Offline Local consultant to boost their income by thousands every month.

In some cases you’ll make enough ‘EXTRA’ to radically improve your lifestyle.

I mean things like a new luxury car, island vacation, new furniture, or just some extra security socked away in the bank.

Yet, (and I know this may be hard to swallow) the time and effort it takes will be a fraction of what you are probably doing now.

Just so you know, this is from 2017. Yeah, I know, that old…and he has the nerve to share it?

Please note, I checked to the best of my ability, and it doesn’t seem to have been shared before. My apologies in advance, if I happen to be mistaken.

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