In case you have any questions Please go to the support system You must reply to see this content and create ticket – I will be glad to assist.Change LogVersion 1.16

    1. Improvements related to google indexer changes

Version 1.15

    1. Improvements related to google indexer changes

Version 1.14

    1. Improvements related to google indexer changes

 Version 1.08

    1. Improvements related to indexing rate

Version 1.07

    1. Fixed minor issues

Version 1.06

    1. Improved phone verification

Version 1.05

  1. Added: new function “Column import” added on Accounts screen.See user guide in new version – click help button to open it
  2. Udated: User guide added troubleshooting section

Version 1.04

  1. Improved: recovery email processing

 Version 1.03

  1. Fixed: recovery email dissapear during indexer run

Version 1.02
[Image: new-accounts-screen.jpg]

  1. Fixed: Accounts disabled issues
  2. Added: Recovery Email support
  3. Added: New column Message on accounts screen which shows you info PVA accounts was disables
  4. Added: New column Processed which shows how many links are processed each PVA accoun during last 24 hours
  5. Added: New button “Check Account in Web Browser” on Accounts screen. You may use it to see what actually happens when Magic Indexer tries to login to your PVA account
  6. Added: Checkboxes on Accounts screen which oyu may use to select multiple accounts to activate/deactivate or delete them
  7. Added: Select All, Select All Active, Select All Disabled Accounts options in Popup Menu on Accounts screen
  8. Added: Choose Selected option in Popup Menu on Accounts screen. You may select multiple Accounts by mouse and click Choose selected and then selected accounts become checked. Now you may delete or activate that multiple accounts.

NOTE: As there is new email recovery option added, so you need to update all your accounts adding recovery email, of course if you have it. In case you use only 5 PVA accounts that you got after Magic Indexer first install, simply, AFTER INSTALLING NEW VERSION- select all 5 Accouns and delete them .Then Restart Magic indexer it will load accounts with recovery emails.Version 1.01

  1. “Add Bulk Accounts” option added
  2. Fixed – Phone verify

Version 1.00

  1. Initial Version

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