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Facebook Interests ToolU ncover thousands of interest keyword phrases directly from Facebook’s internal database through their marketing API!

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Wikipedia Tool Instantly pull thousands of keywords from Wikipedia for ANY niche imaginable, and then verify if the keywords are facebook interests at a click of a button!

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Movies ToolSearch movie titles and actor/actress names to uncover sup
er-targeted interest keywords!

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Books Tool Instantly search book & magazine titles directly from Google book’s internal database!

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Sites Tool Find thousands of web site names to use as highly-targeted interest keyword phrases!

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Brands ToolTarget brand name interest keywords for ultra-targeted results!

Search Engine Tool Quickly expand your keyword spread by extracted thousands of more keyword phrases from the top search engines and top ecommerce search engines!

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Targets Manager Tool Quickly manage all your Facebook interest keywords in one easy-to-use target manager tool!How Can Audience Analyzer Help You?It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3 … type in your main niche keyword using one of the 9 built-in tools, validate the keywords, then copy-and-paste them into your facebook ad campaigns!

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BONUS Built-in Category Targets Browser Tool!This “Never-Seen-Before” unique tool allows you to instantly browse into the 1,000+ built-in category targets that facebook provides you! BUT, the big problem is having an easy way to view what you REALLY need! … check this out:Stop Wasting Hours of Time!Now you have the power to quickly dig deep into facebook’s built-in category targets without spending hours browsing through their hard-to-use interface!

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ial-In Your Research using Filters for Getting the Exact Data You REALLY Need!Use the blazing-fast quick-filters from the top of the columns or use the integrated filter window for creating more customized filters to fit all your needs!

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