Become a Facebook Warrior
In this 8-hour course you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to generate quality & profitable leads with Facebook.

Facebook Overview
Learn the fundamentals of Facebook marketing in the Facebook Overview module.  This module covers everything from how to use the Facebook Ad Manager, how to understand your customer analytics, and more.

Module 1:
In Module 1, we deep dive into how to build customer awareness the right way inside Facebook Ad Manager.

Module 2:
Module 2 shows you the exact strategies you need to turn your barely aware audience into HOT leads.

Module 3:
In Module 3 you’ll learn the path of least resistance to turn your hot leads into “instant” customers.

Module 4:
Module 4 shows you the step-by-step systems we use to Become The Only Authority and how you can set YOUR brand apart from the rest.

Module 5:
In Module 5 you will discover how to ascend your audience into CORE offer buyers.

Module 6:
Module 6 dives into how to maximize the value of your customers with upsells & cross sells.

Module 7:
In Module 7  you will uncover the goals of building a cost effective community with educational and event retargeting.

Module 8:
Module 8 will show you the step-by-step system we use to generate thousands of testimonials and reviews

Module 9:
In Module 9 you will learn the strategies we use to generate affiliates that help promote our products and content.

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