Follow the  steps and start earning now.

This works only for people in the United State but in this tutorial i will be showing you how to use this service anywhere you live in the world so kindly follow these instructions carefully and win 

1. Download a free VPN on Playstore and install it on your phone, e.g VPNhub, Turbo VPN.

2. Change your location to the ‘United States’.

3. And Connect the VPN to United States and let it connect.
Be sure to connect VPN before downloading the application.

4. Download the application below you can also experience the smallest and fastest android launcher


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The VPN must always be connected to before using the downloading the link in step (4)

5. Launch the “Me icon” using your email or your Facebook account.

6. Receive rewards in points and search for referrals and earn a lot of money a day
Always check the task centre and complete the task there to earn more.

You must always entered the United States server every time you open the application..


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