It was 6am, and a morning like pretty much every other morning.

I was exhausted from staying up until 3am trying to make money online. 

I tried everything and worked crazy hours every single week trying to ‘crack the code’ to a consistent online income, but nothing seemed to work. 

After wasting money on all kinds of training courses, software, and methods that were supposed to make me hundreds of dollars per day… 

…all I had to show for it was charged up credit cards and exhaustion from staying up late working every single night. 

Then one day it all changed… 

….I noticed a strange message on my screen…

“Follow The Blue Bird”
[Image: bird.png]
[Image: 1525884347592.jpg]

I followed the blue bird, to 12th Avenue, and went to an old apartment building… 

I entered room #3304 and was greated by the the man I’d  been wanting to meet for ages. 

His Name Is MorPayUs…

I had heard of the Paytrix, but I wasn’t 100% sure it was real. 

MorePayUs assured me that the Paytrix was very real, and that it’s all around us. 
MorPayUs Revealed 
What I’d Always Suspected…

  As a newbie, I was doing everything WRONG! I was a slave and was being lied to…  I was wasting my time…  The courses and methods I was buying weren’t giving me a real plan for making money, and I was wasting time and money…  And everything I was doing to this point was just spinning my wheels…  
“You cannot be told what the Paytrix is…

…you can only be shown the Paytrix.
MorPayUs Then Said…

[Image: blue-pill.png]
“You take the blue pill, the story ends and you go back to your 9-5.”
“You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes….”
[Image: red-pill.png]
Hi there, Jono Armstrong here with Paul O’Keeffe and Richard Fairbairn…
[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-04-29-at-11.19.18.png]
[Image: imgo-2.jpg]
[Image: Richard-F.png]
I started with affiliate marketing back in 2017, and like most people, I struggled a lot in the beginning. I was working in low-skilled jobs most of my life, and I was looking for an escape.

The internet seemed like the answer. 

But I didn’t get results right away. 

Far from it. 

As you know, there is a lot of bad information out there and methods that just don’t work all that well. 

Luckily, I kept my head down, stay focused, and didn’t quit… (although I thought about quitting many times) 

Back in February of 2017, I made my first $18 with affiliate marketing, and ultimately discovered a system that enabled me to crack the code to making consistent daily income like this… 

[Image: 800.png]
[Image: 8002.png]
Another $700 Day…
[Image: 700-copy.png]
Over $7,175 In Just 7 Days…
[Image: week.png]
Consistent $12,306.46, $19,622.19 & $23,206.72 From Scratch
[Image: screenshot.png]

Making $1,235.58 A Day Is Now EASY
Some time ago, I had the opportunity to meet Paul and Richard.

These guys are pure pros, and they’ve made millions online. 

They looked at what I was doing and showed me how I could easily go from the $700 per day I was already making to $1,200+ per day with just a few small tweaks. 

And what they showed me worked with just a few minutes of work… 

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