The reason i’m writing this post is to help you stay focus¬†

I’ve been in the digital marketing world but few years, never able to make any income, watch alot of videos online, joined a lot of forum, but i was overwhelmed by the massive information.

Didn’t know who to follow, who to trust.

I keep jumping platform trying and keep trying, hoping to find a good business that works for me,

Well, i think one of the biggest problem we have to fix is, stay consistent !

No matter what we found, believe in the business, trust the process, there are many people out there making money, flashing their photos, they didnt make it because of luck, they made it because they stay consistent.

Now, my friend, my advise to you is, dont cut corner, the whole Internet can be a platform where we learn bout new information but can also be a trap that lure us away from focusing what we should be.

Learn your marketing skills , if you choose to follow some Youtuber, stay consistent, learn from only one source (of course you have to judge whether that person is worth following).

Recently, i found many of my friends who are struggling and i wish to help others, so i created FreedomHauz with my partner. Is just a website, well, is newly setup, to me, the most powerful drive is not drive towards materialism, but the drive to help others, so i set this to become my objective.

I’m just trying to bring out, in order for us to become successful, we have to have vision towards something, maybe to most of you, is to live a good life with family, or etc.

Well, i didnt create this post to claim myself to be noble, but just hope to encourage everyone out there, if you stay focus , you will make it.

Cheers everyone ! If you wish to find out more,

Here is a little bit bout myself and what i’ve been up to,

Feel free to connect with me,

Hope everyone success.  Shy


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