The company called EEC – Earn Easy Commissions.
It’s a referral based company. You are getting paid on qualified leads, meaning – people that are coming from USA/UK/CA/AUS/ and NZ you will get $1 for each of those referrals.
If anyone of your members(no matter where they live) will make an upgrade in the site you will earn $100 commission. 

if you decide to upgrade you can earn a lot more – $1.2 per qualified ref, $500 commission on member upgrades and $100 on 2nd level upgrades. The upgrade is optional and you can earn just as a free member, you never have to purchase anything. You don’t have to be from the countries I wrote to earn from this.

When you register, please don’t use yahoo or hotmail, because you will not get the confirmation email. 

Minimum Payment is $10.

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Payment Proofs:

[Image: p_851xg4ah1.jpg]  [Image: p_851pgbxc2.jpg]  [Image: p_85190hm13.jpg]

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