Is there an autoresponder that checks keywords in subject and sends document based on that keyword as attachment?

For example, I upload a bunch of documents, say Apple.pdf, Blueberry.pdf, Carrot.pdf, Peach.pdf, …, Yam.pdf into a folder, say PdfDocs.

Any person can send a blank email with subject containing a keyword, the autoresponder then either finds the corresponding document in its folder (here PdfDocs) and then sends it as an attachment in reply, or if finds no match (case insensitive) replies with nothing found.

E.g.. Stranger sends email to autoresponder with subject Apple, the autoresponder then replies with Subject and Body “Apple.pdf is attached” and includes Apple.pdf as attachment.
Another person sends email to autoresponder with subject A!X+# for which no document matches and the autoresponder then replies with Subject: and body: Sorry, A!X+#.pdf not found

The reason this is useful is for situations where I offer free documents to strangers who are interested in just one or several of many documents available.  So the autoresponder should only send just the document(s) desired by the requester.  A feature that limits number of attachments to the first keyword or limits the number of documents requested to the first n keywords (e.e. n<=3) will be a bonus.

Anyone knows of such an autoresponder?  I would imagine it would be highly useful and desirable for those who offer lots of digital freebees and wish to build a list of prospects, and is likely already a feature of some autoresponders.

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