Plagius Professional v2.4.24-P2P + Portable

<p><img class=”alignleft” src=”” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”148″ />P2P group has released an updated version of “Plagius”.</p>
<p><strong>Description:</strong> When you need to assess many documents on a regular basis, you might have trouble recognizing the ones that are not genuine, so a tool like Plagius Professional can come in handy, as it analyzes your files and notifies you if any plagiarism is detected.</p>
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<ul><li>Search for suspected plagiarism in text documents and academic work</li>
<li>Scans files in Word format (doc and docx), PDF, OpenOffice, HTML, RTF, Plain Text…</li>
<li>Performs searches in various search engines of the Internet (automatically updated)</li>
<li>Builds detailed report with dynamic information about the analysis</li>
<li>Advanced algorithm that discards insignificant occurrences</li>
<li>Allows you to set depth and speed of analysis</li>
<li>Exports the analysis result to a html file</li>
<li>Validation of suspicious addresses</li>
<li>Analysis of Web pages through its URL</li>
<li>Allows compare with local files</li>
<li>Batch files analysis</li>
</ul><p><strong>Release Name</strong>: Plagius.Professional.v2.4.24-P2P+Portable<br /><strong>Size</strong>: 26.9 MB / 28.6 MB<br /><strong>Links</strong>: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Homepage</a> – <del>NFO</del> – <a href=”” target=”_blank”>NTi</a></p>
<p><strong>Download</strong>: <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>UPLOAD4EARN</a> – <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>RAPIDGATOR</a><br /><strong>Download Portable</strong>: <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>UPLOAD4EARN</a> – <a href=”” target=”_blank”>RAPIDGATOR</a></p>
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