The Full Chapter Breakdown
The Second Edition contains 16 Detailed Chapters Р74 Pages 
– and over 19,000 Total Words…here’s how it all shapes up…

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1. Introduction
2. Different T-Shirt Markets and How To Tap Into Them
3. T-Shirt Math For Dummies
4. One Super Easy Way To Find Shirts That Are Selling
5. Tips And Advice For Selling On Redbubble
6. 3 Tips On Niches And Idea Generation
7. Why Your Text-Only Shirt Designs Are A Liability
8. My Halloween Sales and Why You Must Be Original
9. 3 Ways To Level Up Your T-Shirt Designs
10. How I Organise Hundreds Of T-Shirt Designs, And Why It Matters
11. How A Stolen Design Made Me Money
12. 3 Easy Ways To Stand Out In Trending Niches
13. One Simple Way To Find Low-Competition Ideas
14. 3 Common Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Sales
15. How Can You Generate More Sales On Merch By Amazon?
16. TeeSpring Questions Answered
17. Bonus – Q&As
18. Final Thoughts

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