Regret-Free EmailingUnsend or edit any email after you send it! [Image: Unsend%2BEmail%2Bor%2BEdit.png] unSend features: ✓ Unsend or edit sent email at any time (even after being opened by the recipient)✓ Unsend or edit sent attachments at any time (even after being opened by the recipient)✓ Track when the recipient opens your email (with optional email notifications)✓ Self-destruct options: enable the message to disappear after being opened by the recipient Quick and easy setup with your existing email address & client (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail & more!)  Ever wish you could unsend or edit an email that’s already been sent? Whether it be typos, entering the wrong recipient, attaching the wrong file, or accidentally clicking ‘reply all’… is the solution!   [Image: unsendit_logo_thin_dark.png] [Image: Screenshot_1.png] Frequently Asked What is allows users to unsend or edit any email after it’s been sent (even after being opened by the recipient). Using your existing email address, all you need to do is register for an account, follow our easy setup guide, and you’re done!  Does ‘’ actually remove the entire email? removes all content from the body of the email (including any attachments) you sent. The email itself will always remain in your recipient’s inbox along with the subject line – however, all email message content will be removed.  Can I keep my current email address?Of course! works with your existing email address. After signing up, you’ll be given easy step-by-step instructions on how to configure your existing email address with our custom SMTP server.

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