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Sobot – the best analog VkBot (VK bot), in many respects superior to it.

Now a huge number of people spend their free time in social networks. The users of these resources talk in great detail about themselves and their interests on personal pages. This allows you to very accurately find the target audience.

It will be prudent to take advantage of this tool to achieve your advantage, whether it is the promotion of a site or a group, the sale of goods and services or the arbitration of traffic.

Get a personal assistant who will perform many similar actions for you and automates many tedious processes 24 hours 7 days a week.

The program is licensed till 2022/04/27 (The photo above is just demo, in top right corner is not 2016.06.15) and it is working perfectly for me!
Virustotal 1 / 58 (I think its clean – just false positive about signature): 

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