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Playing is entirely FREE!
Earning coins, placing bets, and winning prizes are all FREE! No need to deposit skins or money, or do anything other than WATCH, PLAY, and WIN.

The more you watch, the more coins you earn
Every minute of watching earns you 10 coins to start, up to a maximum of 5,000. Use those coins to place bets, then keep watching to earn more.

The more tickets you get, the more chances to win
Getting your bets right, earns your tickets for the current prize. Sometimes a bet pays out 2:1, sometimes more!

Earn at least 1 ticket…and you get a CRATE!
Along with the main prize, each person who gets a ticket from the current match by betting correctly, gets to open our raffle crates.

Every match there’s a new prize, around the clock 24/7!
Every match there will be a prize and crate displayed. Participate in the bets to get tickets, and one lucky ticket holder will be drawn for the main prize, and ALL ticket holders will get the crate. Not bad right?

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