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We all know Making videos from scratch is a pain. Design, animations, voiceovers and more take time, money or both. Then to Even Start getting traffic, you’ve got to:
✔ Research dozens of keywords to see which ones you can rank for.
✔ Manually upload your videos to social media sites.
✔ Either create or buy backlinks if you want even a dribble of free traffic…
✔ ALL WHILE being super careful to do things right so you don’t get a Google or YouTube slap and watch your videos disappear from the search engines.
✔ Then FINALLY… IF you avoid the Google/YouTube slap your video ranks, gets traffic and you’ll make some sweet commissions…
The good news is that there is a software that can help you solve the problems above. 
Commission Sniper is a cloud based software that lets you research, create, rank and profit from videos. In other words, this software is an all in one solution to get traffic, leads and sales leveraging the power of video’s and social media.

It leverages facebook, twitter, delicious, tumblr, wordpress, weebly, ttlink and diigo… with nothing to install, 100% web/cloud based and includes beginner friendly video tutorials. That means you can:

✔ Find PROFITABLE keywords that would generate BUYER traffic on autopilot
✔ Create videos from scratch with just a few clicks of your mouse
✔ Syndicate your videos & create a foolproof linking structure that puts your videos onto the front page of Google for non-stop, completely free traffic & profits.

Here’s The Complete List Of Commission Sniper’s POWERFUL PROFIT FEATURES:
[b][b]✔ 100% Cloud-Based: [/b]Nothing To Download Or Install Get Instant Access To The Web Based Portal Immediately.[/b]
[b][b]✔ Automated Backlinks:[/b] No manual or paid backlinking required. The software builds authentic links for you that drive long term traffic .[/b]
[b][b]✔ Complete Money-Making Video Training:[/b] Not just how to use the software, but how to use it for MAXIMUM profit.[/b]
[b][b]✔ World-Class Support:[/b] They use the software in their own businesses, and have a full-time support team to handle ANY question you may have when using Commission Sniper[/b]
[b][b]✔ Built-In Video Creator:[/b] Click, click and DONE – stunning videos in minutes, zero skills required[/b]
[b][b]✔ Automated Social Syndication:[/b] Let Commission Sniper share your videos to top social sharing & bookmarking sites[/b]
[b][b]✔ Mobile Optimized: [/b]All your Commission Sniper videos will render perfectly on any device.[/b]
[b][b]✔ Powerful Tier-2 Links:[/b] Get free traffic that LASTS with links that get you to the top of the search engines and KEEP you there[/b]
[b][b]✔ Automated Keyword Research: [/b]Save hours by only going after keywords you KNOW in advance will drive traffic[/b]
[b][b]✔ Tracking Included: [/b]Just enter your keyword and link, then Commission Sniper shows you exactly where your videos rank on Google & YT … scaling has never been easier![/b]
[b][b]✔ Traffic Maximizer: [/b]After it builds your links, Commission Sniper pings the search engines so you rank for FREE traffic FAST.[/b]
[b][b]✔ Text 2 Speech: [/b]Use the text to speech generator to have your scripts read in a real human voice.[/b]

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