The tViewer Bot is an AMAZING tool for boosting your page ranking!


Automated Unlimited number of page views to any URL
Inner-page views
Multi-threaded operations
Supports all proxy types (HTTP, SOCKS, SSL, FTP)
Random User Agent
Random Referrer HTTP bypass Google Analytics


Time-Out: How long you want to wait for your proxy to connect until it moves to the next one.
Delay: How long you want the duration of the visit to last.
Show Browser: Display browsers windows for each connection.
User Agents: List user agent use for each connection. User Agent is random for each connection.
Referrals: List of referring websites to use for each connection. Each connection will choose a random referrer from the list.
Inner Pages: The list of pages which you want program go to after the first visit. This is a new feature in version 2.0. It allows you to increase your Bounce Rate.

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