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[Image: worldYtImage.png]First Time Ever! YouTube Playlist AutomationPlaylists are a really powerful and the most untapped traffic source on YouTube today. They appear in search results, and drive a ton of traffic to the channel owners who use playlists effectively.Year after year, Playlist have withstood every algorithm change on YouTube and still are a radically powerful method to get traffic to any niche.Playtraffic is the first playlist automation tool ever. It does everything you’ll ever need to market your YouTube channel and videos with playlists
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[Image: icon1.png]Find Playlist Keywords 
& Niches
[Image: icon2.png]Search and compile 
targeted videos
[Image: icon3.png]Create playlists & publish 
to YouTubeIncludes Exhaustive Playlist Marketing Training By Top YouTube Marketer
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[Image: youtube.png]Your buyers not just get Playlist automation software, they also get the Playbook that shows them how to do it correctly to unlock massive traffic.Yes, the exhaustive video training will show your buyers how to best create playlists and drip feed them into YouTube for massive success and traffic.This is a powerful technique for newbie YouTubers, one of the few things that really works to generate a lot of traffic for small video marketers.PlayTraffic Is The Most Powerful 
YouTube Tool In Your Arsenal
[Image: longmemester.png]Every YouTube Marketer Needs This
[Image: vicon1.png]100% Fresh & powerful new YouTube traffic source
[Image: vicon2.png]Desktop based, works on your computer
[Image: vicon3.png]Works on every niche possible
[Image: vicon4.png]Target new keywords constantly for endless traffic
[Image: vicon5.png]Playlists feature prominently in search results
[Image: vicon6.png]Makes Playlist marketing a piece of cake

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