[Image: vidpushbig.png]Powerful Facebook Video Marketing SoftwareGenerate hot leads, drive fresh, organic traffic and boost conversions 4X with high ranking Facebook Native videos.Watch the demoBuild a powerful Facebook page 100% automatically. Just connect VidPush to your Facebook page and select the niche or keywords you want. VidPush will find the best and the latest videos from YouTube for your niche and post them to your Facebook page 100% automatically. It uploads the videos to Facebook using Facebook APIs, so the video goes viral faster and attracts more viewers.Benefits

  • Unlimited free traffic to any Facebook fanpage, or location.
  • Just set it up once and forget. 100% automated software gives you fresh content for your fanpage forever.
  • Direct traffic from Facebook to any website or webpage and make more sales.
  • Uploads native videos to Facebook, gets you more viewers, likes and shares.
  • Connect multiple fanpages / Youtube channels / keywords without spending hours doing all the work manually.

[Image: benefit.png]Features1Finds latest and best videos for any keywords and autoposts them to Facebook.
[Image: 1.png]
[Image: 2.png]
2Allows you to ‘Follow’ YouTube channels so that any new video that appears there is automatically uploaded to your Facebook page.
3Put in your video descriptions, calls to action, links etc on the videos.
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[Image: 4.png]
4Connects with multiple Fanpages to help you get automated content on every Fanpage you want.
5100% Support for scheduling and filtering lets you post the videos you want at your schedule.
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[Image: 6.png]
6Automatically adds relevant tags and keywords to make your fanpage discoverable and get you more engagement.

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