“Here’s the Fastest and Easiest Way to Find and Target a Brand New, Highly-Responsive Audience on Facebook… Guaranteed”

Forget spending money on testing or guessing when it comes to choosing targeting options! Let me show you how to get the best results and highest R.O.I. on any new campaign you start…


I want to share with you something REALLY cool. As you may or may not know… there’s a BUNCH of targeting options on Facebook you can choose. 

But I’ll be honest with you… many of them are just “guesses”. It’s true, when you fire up your ad manager and start a new campaign… a lot of time you’re “guessing” the interests of your prospects. I mean, it’s pretty hard to get all of the interests of your perfect audience.

Why Custom Audience is the Warmest Available…

Custom audience consists of those people who are already familiar with you and your biz. 

Imagine you have 1,000 customers on your email list. You can upload the list to Facebook and they’ll cross-reference the data you supply and find folks who are closely matched. That way, you can show them your ad. How’s that for targeted! 

This means you can create a Facebook ad that goes only to people on your e-mail list! This is very powerful because it gives you two chances to get your message in front of your ideal. Plus, these are people who know, like, and trust you. It’s why custom audiences usually provide the best results and the highest ROI.

Before the loophole I’m going to share with you… lookalike audience usually came in 2nd to “custom” audience, since it’s created to mimic your current customers. But what I’m going to show you is the secret loophole I created on Facebook to laser-target a brand new ideal audience the first time, without having a current list. 

And no, it doesn’t involve anything black hat or illegal. It gets rid of guessing and spending a lot of money testing when you’re creating a new audience for a new campaign. 

Anytime you need to find a responsive audience for a new campaign… 

Now there’s a faster and easier way to do it…

See, when I started using Facebook ads, I noticed it was mostly just “guessing” what the best targeting options were for my new campaign. I mean seriously, you either have to guess or spend a bunch of money testing out the top converting interests. 

On search engines… I’d use keywords that prospects would type into the search bar. Not so on Facebook… which made it a pain and big expense trying to find the right targeting options.

Again, I learned that the best targeting was to use the custom audience feature, so I could target people who’ve already visited my site, subscribed to my email, or even bought from me.
But, if I wanted to start a new audience and didn’t have a list of customers… I still wanted the ability to target ideal prospects without guessing or spending a ton of money testing.

Well, after playing around with the Custom and Lookalike Audience features on Facebook… I was able to reverse engineer a secret loophole that’s THE most effective way to enter any new market and target ideal prospects. Facebook actually helps me to build my ideal, targeted audience FOR me. And the result of refining and perfecting this method resulted in…

“Facebook Perfect Audience Circle 2.0”

This method takes a little bit from the “Website Custom Audience” and “Lookalike Audience” features in Facebook… and adds ROCKET FUEL in terms of the results it can bring.

I’m positive you haven’t seen or used this method before, because I’m the one who created it after doing it out of my OWN need! Facebook Perfect Audience Circle 2.0 allows you to enter any niche and find a highly targeted audience fast without guessing, without losing money on testing, and without needing your own site! 

If you read the ebook, you’ll learn the fastest and easiest way to build an audience full of targeted, exact prospects who’ll be interested in what you have. And because this audience is ALREADY proven (by using the method in the book)… you can be sure your ad will only be seen by the most qualified. 

Facebook will reward you for relevance by giving you the lowest cost per click and relevance scores. And since your ad is being seen by ideal, targeted prospects…you’ll get…

Higher Clickthrough Rates & Return on Ad Spend!

I’ve used this secret method to get 1 cent clicks for many campaigns on Facebook. Can you imagine how much more profitable your ads will be if you’re getting clicks for a PENNY… while also getting the most specific, targeted, and ideal prospects seeing your ad!

With laser targeting… you’ll see the highest quality traffic among ALL other targeting options. 

As I mentioned earlier, Facebook rewards your targeted ads by lowering your costs! When your ad is being shown to ideal prospects who may NEED it or WANT what you have, you make more sales and profits WHILE lowering your cost per click and overall costs. 

I was able to lower my cost per lead to $0.14 and get very low cost per click, high click through rate, and relevance score as you see here…

[Image: zOkXzYW.png]
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