Newsletter Software FeaturesSendBlaster is the best software for sending newsletter that provides a complete set of features that allow you to easily manage every aspect of an email marketing campaign. Creating their own graphic templates, list management, sending the newsletter and analyzing campaign statistics have never been easier to manage.DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
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Latest release: 4.1.8 | Release date: 2017/05/30 | Size: 36 MB
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  • Layout editorCreating a new message from scratch is a breeze with the new layout editor: choose the email structure, add header, footer or side columns, select colors and variations in a few clicks.
  • Optional HTML
    “source editing only” modeWith SendBlaster 4, experienced HTML designers can optionally do without the visual editing completely and retain full control of their source code. Html documents can be opened in “source editing only” mode with full preservation of the original code.
  • Categorized templatesSendBlaster 4 comes with tons of new templates; the template browser now supports categories for better organization of templates.

  • Adjust images in placeThe visual editor includes an inline photo tool which lets you apply the most common and useful filters and effects to images on the fly and in place. You don’t need to export images, process them with external utilities and then add them back to your message: just select an image in the message, edit it, and immediately see the results.
  • New HTML engineSendBlaster 4 uses a greatly improved HTML engine. Not only is its rendering of HTML better, but the output code is also more polished and conforming to modern standards; the visual editor better preserves the original HTML code.
  • New email templatesA rich set of ready to use templates to help you create professional looking emails. All the email templates can be easily customized.
  • Custom attachmentsSendBlaster Pro 4 lets you send each recipient a different attachment using programmable tags and storing the attachments path or file names in the database.

  • Integration with MailStylerMailStyler is a powerful newsletter design software, which lets users design cross-client compatible and responsive emails with a simple drag and drop editor. When you select “MailStyler” as your new message type, SendBlaster launches MailStyler (if it’s installed), and waits for it to be shut down; it then automatically loads the last message you exported from MailStyler.
  • Newsletter customization

SendBlaster Pro 4.1.9 Latest Version

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