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 Here’s how Reseller Box Made Us 2.5 millions in 2015 alone:
[Image: bigproof.png]The rug can be pulled out from under you at any time:
[Image: no-1.png]Employers don’t have loyalty to employees any longer – job security is non-existent nowadays
[Image: no-2.png]Affiliate networks have been known to ‘shave’ clicks – and fail to credit for all the sales you send their way
[Image: no-3.png]You could be making bank with CPA one day, and suddenly find your offer shutdown. . . which puts you back at square one testing offers again
[Image: no-4.png]Service providers can go through dry spells when it seems no one is asking for their help. .  . so their income vanishes overnight
[Image: no-5.png]Coaching clients finish their contracts, then the coach is in a vicious cycle of always having to hustle for more clients…Here’s The Cold Hard TruthUnless you have your own product to sell, your income is vulnerable. And we’re not going to see you held hostage to ‘the man’ for a minute longer…Today, friends, you can tell the man to stick it where the sun don’t shine.There’s no reason to be at anyone’s mercy any longer when you can easily have your own software to sell … without putting out a lot of cash upfront… or dealing with the hassles of hiring a coder…Read on to discover how.THE ULTIMATE IN JOB SECURITYSelling YOUR Own Software
[Image: div.png]We’ve been fired from jobs, got ripped off by shady affiliate & CPA networks and watched our incomes dry up when our client bases shrank. We quickly realized we needed to sell our own online products in order to stabilize our incomes.Like many other marketers, we started out by selling info products. Info products are fast, easy and inexpensive to create…however, selling info products has a HUGE drawback you need to consider.Info products are niche specific.This means their appeal is limited to a very specific audience.In contrast, check out the biggest, highest earning product launches. You’ll see software sales dwarf most info product sales by a huge margin. Here’s another fact you should know…Nine times out of ten, the biggest product launches are WordPress plugin launches. And here’s why….
[Image: dreaming.png]Realize the Opportunity Waiting for
YOU Selling Your Own WordPress Plugins
[Image: div-wh.png]The beauty of a great WordPress plugin is it benefits marketers from all walks of life… whether it’s the IM niche… the fitness niche… the self-development niche…Or whatever niche you might be into. WordPress is a VERY big deal.
[Image: point-1.png]25% of all websites run on WordPress, and 50,000 new WP sites are added daily
[Image: point-2.png]There’s 42,669 (and growing) WordPress plugins with 1,163,001,727 total downloads
[Image: point-3.png]WordPress usage is still steadily climbingWHICH IS WHY SMART MARKETERSCreate WordPress Plugin Businesses
[Image: div.png]The sky’s the limit because of the growing market for WP plugins. Businesses all over the world run their sites on WordPress.Now, would we still go the WP plugin route if we had it to do all over again? You’re darned right we would.Even if can be painful to work with coders… For example:[Image: warning.png]Coders are expensive. It’s nothing to pay from 2-10k per project[Image: warning.png]Projects can drag on for months, and cost you thousands of dollars in lost opportunities[Image: warning.png]A few unscrupulous coders lift copyrighted source code from other people’s plugins, which can leave you on the hook for big copyright violation fines[Image: warning.png]Communication barriers often exist with coders, which means you won’t get what you want (and can cost you a ton of money)[Image: warning.png]Costs mount up fast if you decide to change or add features to your plugin midstream
[Image: expensive.png]Despite these hassles . . .There’s just too much potential to ignore WordPress plugins as a revenue stream, because they’re sought after by marketers in every niche and industry the world over. And we’re not the only ones who think this way.Take a look at what our colleagues say about the advantages of owning a WordPress plugin business . . 

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