Build, Grow & Scale FB Fanpageswithout spending a dime or your time… THIS SOFTWARE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY Watch How We Manage Fan Page Communities,And Profit BIG, on Complete AUTOPILOT

VAS BLAGODARSKIY  Chief Developer  Social Media Marketer JAY VENKA   Build, Grow & Scale FB Fanpageswithout spending a dime or your time… THIS SOFTWARE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY Watch How We Manage Fan Page Communities,And Profit BIG, on Complete AUTOPILOT

   Create engaging content using research tools  Use “Total Automation Mode” 
to plan ahead & to save time[Image: 1454518171-321694-52x64-prodaj2.png] Boost fan page reach with post analytics[Image: 1454518172-321701-48x64-new.png] Explore tons of research tools to create the best possible content. Use Qilio 2.0’s built-in libraries of proven content to generate instant engagement.  Schedule a week or a month’s worth of well-researched content for all pages. Manage the whole system from one easy-to-use interface.  You will know which postsperform well, so you can scale up profitably. Never waste another dime on a failed ad campaign ever again.[Image: 1454518172-321699-56x64-mentorship.png] HOW IT WORKS If You’ve Only Focused On Spending Money With Facebook Ads You NEED To Pay Very Close Attention[Image: 1454518155-1061309-327x232-tip.png][Image: 1454518154-321686-48x64-globe.png] Making fan pages is easy, but most FB pages are barely getting by. It’s almost as if they’re on life support! Just like you know all too well in Google, CONTENT IS KING of Facebook as well.  That’s why it’s so hard to get your money-making posts in the newsfeed. Facebook wants to be this way so it can sell ads to run your promos and not via organic reach. This also prevents the low quality fan pages getting free exposure in their fans news feeds.  SAVE BIG $$$ ON FB ADS Organic reach is meant for engaging content.  To achieve real long term success, you need a proven blueprint that works over and over again, in any niche, and for all types of fan pages. Word to the wise: do not plagiarize existing content! You will only end up with copyright claims and get your fan pages banned from Facebook ! Simply sharing posts from your competitors will only boost their Edgerank and reduce their marketing costs. Everything In One Place To Build, To Automate And To Scale Up  GET AWESOME CONTENT[Image: 1454518153-321682-44x64-plane.png] With great content, your ads get more free exposure, resulting in lower CPC. That’s why engaging content is a MUST for every FB page. You will spend less money on Facebook Ads, and go viral at the same time![Image: 1454518154-321688-39x48-star.png] Your fan page followers will want to come back to your brand, time after time, for years to come! But only if you can dazzle them regularly. That’s why you need stellar information to share with them. DO NOT EVEN THINK about scraping other fan pages’ content! FIND NEW FANS QUICKLY  3. Create A Post Schedule[Image: 1454518175-317208-218x153-gal4small.jpg][Image: 1454518150-1061319-148x147-watch.jpg] [Image: 1454518151-1061323-148x147-thumbsup.jpg] 1. Research Content[Image: 1454518152-1061320-166x147-gears.jpg]  3 Things Holding You Back From Life-Changing Facebook Results[Image: 1454518175-317206-218x153-gal2small.jpg] Time and effort needed to manage multiple fan pages[Image: 1454518176-317207-218x153-gal3small.jpg] Identify what works for your fans and how to scale up 2. Create Sexy Images Create a system and manage the whole process 4. Track Performance[Image: 1454518173-317201-218x153-gal1small.jpg] This Is What It Takes To Run Authority Fan Pages[Image: 1454518182-1061345-960x498-familiar.png] Qilio 2.0 was created as a result of over 1,500 hours of research.It’s based on teachings from top Facebook marketers, and it has been beta tested by 100+ users for 6 months. No glitches, no bugs, no problems![Image: 1454518311-1061349-738x696-qiliowill.png][Image: 1454518332-1061352-738x468-results.png] *** Over 2,000 paying customers of v1.0 have been eagerly awaiting the release of this NEW & IMPROVED v2.0 … UNTIL NOW!!! ***[Image: 1454518346-1061365-738x583-oneplace.png][Image: 1454518480-1109670-767x256-feature3.jpg][Image: 1454518410-1109663-767x291-feature1.jpg][Image: 1454518448-1109666-767x267-feature2.jpg][Image: 1454518516-1109672-767x251-feature4.jpg]  14. Adding a separate section for top news sources – new option allows you to view the real time feeds of over 25+ news sites, for one-click posting  15. Holiday Calendar Popup – gives you a list of ideas related to each and every popular international and national holiday  16. Post To User’s Personal Profile – same features used for fan pages only, are now available for profiles  17. Post To Multiple Fan Pages Or All Fan Pages At Once – save even more time than with the old Qilio 1.0  18. Recent Posts Summary View – lets you plan future posts with better insight than any other similar software  19. Notes Section – lets you save notes for personal reference  20. Improved UI Layout – we added a home page dashboard for easier navigation

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