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Facebook Messenger Marketing BlueprintHow To Use Facebook’s Newest “Ad” Platform To Turn One-To-One Conversations Into Sales (Even If You Don’t Have the Staff To Reply Manually)

 What is ‘Facebook Messenger Marketing’?A New Way To Communicate With Prospects & CustomersThe future of digital marketing is changing. Customers don’t want mass-produced messages…they want personal, one-on-one interactions with an immediate response. In this Execution Plan (EP) you’ll learn how to generate more new customers by giving your prospects the customer experience they want (even if you don’t have the staff to reply to messages manually).A System To Make More Sales From The People Who Are Saying “No”Facebook Messenger allows you to tap into a huge platform where your customers are having meaningful conversations. This gives you the power to discover what your customers really want, while getting a chance to overcome their doubts and objections and generate more sales & revenue.A Customer-Generating Process You Can Automate (Just Like Your Email Autoresponder)Capture new leads and nurture them with automated follow-up sequences, then learn how to make the sale right inside of Messenger (without coming across as “too salesy”) using our conversational selling method.A Step-By-Step Course With…3 hours and 33 minutes of video training, and 5 downloadable resources dedicated to creating your ad campaign.

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