If you’re looking for a home business with maximum returns
for minimum effort, then this is for YOU … This Nationwide Industry Is Dying… Discover How YOU Can Revive It – And Get Paid Handsomely To Do SoRead on to discover how this easy to use, push-button software and battle tested scripts combo creates an irresistible offer for your clients making it a complete no-brainer for them to say YES! to paying you a nice fat monthly fee far into the future …[Image: michael-150x150.jpg]Howdy fellow entrepreneur … there are over TWO MILLION licensed real-estate agents in the US and most of them are being forced to pay a king’s ransom for their very life-blood.Because, unlike most businesses, they cannot build a database of regular, repeat customers.Because, once a realtor has sold a house, the client won’t want their services again for many years, until they want to move again.So real estate agents are totally dependent on a steady stream of fresh, high quality leads – or they go bust.And, over the last few years, the leads they used to generate themselves, have been steadily hijacked by nationwide referral companies who have imposed themselves as gatekeepers between the agent’s prospects and the real estate agents.  And these Real Estate agents are NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT… Take a look…[Image: Screenshot-2018-01-26-at-8.53.04-PM-1.png]And, as the referral companies have gotten bigger and bigger, they have demanded ever larger and larger fees for the leads they pass to the agent.What’s more, in their desperation to get these vital leads, some agents are also sharing their commission from an eventual sale with these vultures. So they are getting hung out to dry – AND paying for the rope!And it gets worse.Some referral companies pass the SAME lead to several agents, so they enjoy multiple payments for the same lead, while the agents all chase their tails in a desperate cut-throat auction with every other agent in town.AGAIN, don’t take my word for all this: read what these real estate agents are saying …
[Image: Screenshot-2018-01-26-at-8.46.11-PM.png] So here is YOUR chance to change all that and GET paid handsomely to do itHi … my name is Mike Paul and I’ve been a licensed real estate broker for the past 13 years.Working in a real estate office gave me a priceless insight into the dire straits the real estate business is really in. I don’t do much selling of homes any more, having moved into training other real estate agents and marketers, like you.And for the past 3 years I have been working hard to perfect the germ of an idea I had to offer beleaguered real estate agents a chance to escape the clutches of the giant referral companies by handing them all the properly qualified leads they can handle – at a fraction of the outrageous fees the referral rats are demanding (and yet still large enough to make some very worthwhile pay days).What’s more these leads will NOT be shared with up to 10 other rival agents – in stark contrast to what happens right now – but will be exclusively for their use, dramatically increasing the chances they will be the ones to sell the home.These leads will be generated automatically using some very clever free software, releasing the agent from the pointless drudgery of open house days, delivering flyers, knocking on doors and all the other outdated methodsthey cling to grimly, knowing deep down they don’t actually work any more in the internet age.As you can imagine, offering the struggling agent a choice between their own exclusive leads for a modest monthly fee OR continuing to pay a king’s ransom of up to THREE TIMES MORE for the doubtful privilege of sharing poor-quality leads with up to 10 other realtors, is just about the easiest sale – ever – in the long history of marketing.  And here’s how YOU can share in this bonanzaBecause with over TWO MILLION licensed real estate agents in the USA, that’s far too many for me to handle on my own.
[Image: Screenshot-2018-01-13-at-4.00.44-PM.png]As it is, I’d rather settle for a very comfortable lifestyle from the agents in my local area and make a little extra income on the side sharing the program with other dynamic entrepreneurs, like you, who want to set up an ethical and sustainable business you can run from the comfort of your own home by being a hero for the real estate agents in your own local area.And it doesn’t get much easier than this Because you get my ‘Fast Track Guidebook’ to get you off the launch pad lightening fast. What’s more, I’ve also created a series of ‘over the shoulder’ videos where you can watch me set the whole thing up.So – whether you prefer to watch a video or have all the steps written down – I’ve got you covered.You don’t need to know anything about the real estate business to make a great success of this,because everything you need is right there in my guide.And it doesn’t matter if you tried umpteen other businesses before and driven them into bankruptcy. None of that matters.All that matters is that you have a burning desire to succeed and build a better life of time and financial freedom for you and your loved ones, using this battle-tested program. Inside the program you’ll get all the background information on the current massive problem within the real estate industry plus full step by step instructions on how to provide the simple solution that will have real estate agents practically begging you to allow them to be the only agent you deal with in their area.Everything is geared towards making plenty of sales – without ever having to ‘sell’ Let me show you how I’ve really thought through the whole sequence and ironed out every possible snag to make getting plenty of cash paying clients silky smooth.So, first off, we all know how annoying it is when we are just about to sit down to dinner and the phone rings and it’s some long-winded salesperson who simply won’t take no for an answer.But MY ingenious method doesn’t ring the phone.Instead it simply puts a carefully crafted, battle-tested message directly into the prospect’s cell phone voice mail, which they are bound to pick up later, when convenient.So just that simple strategy of allowing the prospect to listen to the message when they are ready, rather than it drop it on them – unannounced – will result in far greater interest and therefore higher conversions.Then, the prospective clients who are interested in knowing more, will indicate their interest which is sent as a notification to your email, asking that you telephone them.This alone puts you in a powerful marketing position, because THEY are now chasing YOU – not the other way round.Putting YOU firmly in the driving seat.That’s important to know, because it will give you extra confidence to know you are speaking as someone in a position of strength to someone genuinely interested in what you have to benefit them.And this is greatly helped by the fact that the voice mail message will have already told them you’re offering this deal to the other realtors in their area – but will only taking on ONE client in each area.So – as you can imagine – your prospect will be as eager as a puppy to please you, so there is no ‘selling’ involved – just a matter of telling the prospect how the system works.And this will be a no-brainer for you, because I’ve used my 13 years at the real estate coal face to create an irresistible, battle-tested explanation of the system that will transform your merely curious prospect to an eager client ready to sign up – all in five minutes flat.The software you’ll be using can blast out the message to thousands of voice mail boxes at once.So – even when you begin – you should enjoy some paying clients, right from the get go, even if your presentation is not quite stellar right from the start.And your conversions are bound to increase as you get more polished with practice.After all, your callers have all made the effort to phone you to see what the fuss is all about, so you can be certain they have a keen interest in what you have for them.Therefore it’s brain-dead simple to convert them to a paying customer – particularly as you will know exactly what to say to them, because you’ll have my script right there in front of you.And I know how a real estate agent thinks – after all, I’ve been one for 13 years!Nor will you have a problem getting the cell phone numbers of your targets, because I’ll reveal a simple FREE method that will get you plenty, plus a method that gets even more – yet on a shoestring budget.At that point you will use the simple telephone software again – but with a different script tested and perfected by me, again based on my 13 year’s hands-on experience selling homes, to generate many highly qualified EXCLUSIVE leads for your client of home owners wanting their homes listed for sale.BUT, that is just the icing-on-the-cake.  The name recognition the agent will gain and  the top-of-mind market share… is priceless… so when the homeowner is ready to sell… your agent client will be the one the homeowner calls!Leaving the referral thugs right out in the cold.And, as long as the agent continues to pay your monthly fee, they can continue to gain and maintain massive market share in their market, get quality leads, and grow a healthy business.  And, as they will never have enjoyed such an easy method for being recognized as the GO-TO agent for ages, the chances of them ever cancelling your monthly payment is virtually zero.Then all you need do is extend your reach with your voice mail blasts to pile up more and more happy real estate agent clients, all paying you a regular monthly payment until they snowball to enormous proportions.So here’s an interesting thoughtIf you sign up enough agents, all paying you a regular monthly fee of between $500 – $1,000 (which is easier than you might think, right now, because they’re probably being held to ransom, by the referral highwaymen for THREE TIMES that much), you can become seriously rich. So what will you do with all the money?Will you enjoy the look on your too-young-to-drive-on-the-highway son as you hand him the keys to his very own dune buggy? Or get a wonderful warm feeling from the hug your horse-mad daughter gives you as you hand her the reins of her very own pony?Or will you reward yourself for being smart enough to see the huge life-changing potential of my system and use some of the profits to buy that high end vehicle you’ve always coveted, paying cash.Or will you be very disciplined and pile up treasure towards that wonderful day when you make that final commute home – having given your boss the pink slip – while you take great pleasure from the sheer sense of relief and FREEDOM?Whatever you choose to do with your new found wealth, it sounds like I’ll soon be sharing my powerful secrets with you to help you transform your life for the better.Who is this opportunity for?Anyone who wants to set up an ethical, sustainable business they can run from the comfort of home – even if you’ve never sold so much as a hamburger before and don’t know the first thing about real estate agencies.Everything you need to know is all contained in the comprehensive PDF that comes as part of the package and is based on my many years in the real estate trenches.And that is reinforced with the series of take you by the hand videos that show you every simple step.And here’s just a tiny sneak peek of the powerful secrets included in this program
You get all this PLUS…

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