How Can The Push Button Marketer Software Help Me?

Most successful Internet marketers will agree that day to day IM chores can be tedious and quite time consuming. There are many repetitive sequences that a marketer may need to apply on a regular basis, whether it be logging into an email account or a more complicated promotion campaign involving a long series of mouse clicks. The Push Button Marketer software is designed to save huge amounts of time which allows the user to multiply his own efforts without having to hire anyone. This gives the Internet marketer much more time to spend on other tasks or simply enjoying other aspects of his lifestyle.

So What Can The Push Button Marketer Software Do?

Well.. You can easily set up the Push Button Marketer software to complete an all-day job with a just a single click. As part of my testing of the software, I set up the Push Button Marketer to automate things like accessing email, creating WordPress websites, checking stats, copy and paste chores, website maintenance, posting marketing ads and product reviews. Im happy to say that the Push Button Marketer software excelled in every department.

Push Button Marketer Software – General Observations

There are loads more chores that can be fully automated by the Push Button Marketer software such as submitting your websites or articles to various directories, creating a macro to create your websites, speed up keyword researching autosurfing traffic exchanges, or monitoring your websites to email you an alert if it’s down, test all links in your website and much more. 

Overall, I love this software and use it several times a day.. every day. I wouldn’t be without it now!

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The Push Button Marketer Package:

MODULE 1: The Software & Training Course

MODULE 2: The Blueprint

MODULE 3: The Automation Videos

MODULE 4: The Instant Automators,
(These are the pre-built macros. The zip file contains a folder named “Push Button Marketer”. That folder needs to be placed within your “C:\Program Files” directory). Then navigate into the “Push Button Marketer” folder and double click the “Push Button Marketer.mex” file. This will import all the macros into the software)

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