FACT #1The Top 5 Best Selling Products Of All Time On JVZoo Have Made Over $7,366,000 In RevenuesFACT #2The Top 10 Best Sellers Of All Time Have Made Over $10,416,000 In RevenuesREALITYEach of these all-time best sellers is a software product[Image: product-listed.png]Why do software consistently outperform in terms of sales?Because they’re real, definable products people can actually use.
In this world of online shopping, one thing holds many people back from buying.They don’t see enough perceived value in the product they’re considering.SELL MORE FASTA guide to counting calories, or an app
that counts them for you just by entering a recipe?
[Image: vs-2.png]A guide to tracking your fitness, or a software
that counts every step you take during a day?A guide to dating online, or tool
that matches you up with potential people to date?Every time, the softwareapp or tool sells more.
The software has a higher perceived value
which is what buyers want.OVER 
ON UNDER 7 DAYSMany people believe software creation is incredibly expensive.
It doesn’t have to be.Many believe they need specialized skills & programming experience.
You don’t — most of the top 10 sellers above have [b]no clue how to code or design — they just get others to do it for them.[/b]Many believe they can never come up with an idea for a successful software.
You can find winning ideas just by watching the news, reviewing the market, and seeing what other marketers are doing.In fact, there are marketers that have successfully created software for less than $500, then launched them and generated over $100K in revenues in less than a week.MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS CONSISTENTLYFor every successful software seller, there are 10 or more other marketers that have failed miserably.Usually this has less to do with the product than the process used to develop and sell the software.With the right plan, you can make unfair profits marketing software. including recurring and evergreen income.Without a plan, you can lose a lot of money, fast.Most people that try to launch software fail because they don’t understand the key fact that business comes first. A software idea that you think is great will flop if the market doesn’t feel the same way.Luckily, there’s a way to find out ahead of time exactly what types of software will make you the most amount of money for the least possible risk.If you’d like to run a profitable, scalable & evergreen software business, you’re on the right page.[Image: sam-bakker-1.jpg]SELLING SOFTWARE IS THE #1 SECRET TO SUCCESS TODAY!In fact, I lost money starting out yet went onto becoming the NUMBER ONE earning vendor on JVZoo for 3 years running, consistently.It’s now easy and predictable because in the process I created the ULTIMATUMblueprint.A step-by-step system for developing and successfully launching software products like no other — It’s the EXACT same system I’m sharing with you today.

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