Bought this many months ago, but never really got around to implementing it lol so here yah go guys Smile 

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What the panel looks like

Heres everything you need below-

License key: cbb8aa1fb2be2a7a70adaf81ca7db344
Download URL:!K4cFybyZ!nlVOJMzA1eajN…yoODBULvRw
SMM Suppliers:
API Guide:
Installation Guide:!HlF3mZ6Z!-frlol7_pDiJI…uFpGlYSjLA
Thanks for purchasing our service.
Kindly complete the order after installing the platform on your webhosting provider/server.

Best Regards,
ListDev. <—– Message received after purchase

Cheers  [Image: duel.gif]

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