The easiest way to find and scrape targeted business leads on Facebook
Use harvested business information to reach out to your potential customers via email/phone or upload the data to Facebook and create a highly-targeted custom audiences for your ads.

As explained in the video, this software is for finding targeted leads based on the location and type of business that you are looking for.
Since I used my 2015 PayPal report in the video, here are some recent screenshots to keep you interested.
[Image: jjbn1h.png]

[Image: dvpyyo.png]

A lot of people may tell you that it’s illegal to send an email to a company and that you’re going to get into trouble. Instead of selling Chinese sunglasses from Alibaba, you should focus on solving other people’s problems (serious problems).

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The most important factor in direct sales of any kind (phone call, email, meeting) is the relevance of your leads. You can’t expect to earn money if your leads are not interested in what you’re selling.

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My biggest issue with this method was the quality of my scraped/hunted leads.What I have found out is that most of my customers are “small business owners”. Enterprise leads are just to big to work with as you can’t reach out to a key decision person who can seal the deal. 

I used many tools, hoping to solve for this purpose:

1. Google Maps Extractors 
Can’t find the email through maps and has to visit the actual website which maybe has a good email listed. Low results count.
2. Atomic Email Hunter
Good for checking if the emails exist, but the scraping part is crappy. You use Google search parameters to find a ton of emails, but most of them are dead.
3. Yellow Pages and Yelp scrapers
These are actually good but people don’t keep their listings up-to-date, or they have already been spammed to death. Lack of lucrative categories.
4. Xtra Pro and other Facebook scrapers
Using Facebook API to pull out keyword-based data from posts, events, pages, etc. (full of unofficial emails from other independent freelancers). Facebook didn’t quite work for me at that time.
5. Other tools

Facebook was always an interesting platform for me since it had so much more than Google Maps which gives around 200 results per search, 40-80 emails if you are lucky but it was not organized well enough. This process was also very slow and enjoying for me. I needed at least a day or two to get a list of leads worth of my attention. 

It turned out that Facebook was a goldmine of “small business” leads! Premium business listing website are not free and they demand a lot of information. Creating a Facebook Business Page is a piece of cake. That’s why we (our team) started working on a piece of software which will later be named Facebook B2B Leads Scraper

Q: Why is Facebook B2B Leads Scraper better than other scraping softwares?
A: While scraping, you will get a large number of real emails provided by business owners when creating their official Facebook page. More opens, more clicks, low bounce rate.

Q: Compered to other scrapers, how much results do we get per search?
A: It depends on your keyword/location combination choice. For example, if you search for “restaurants” in “New York”, you will get around 200 results with Google Maps scraper and around 800 results with our scraper. 10x more emails

Q: How do you get more results than others?
A: Well, we combined our experience and coding skills to find a way. Instead of searching for keyword+city we divide the city into ten neighbors if any, so it looks more like keyword+neighbor#1+city,keyword+neighbor#2+city, keyword+neighbor#3+city, etc. You get 5x more results after deleting duplicate results.

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