Facebook Graph Search help you to finding peoples, stories/posts, groups, pages, events, places, apps with more criteria. Searching for the the best selling and trending products explore new ideas. Searching and mapping the interest to sharpen or expand the range of ad targeting ads. Easy to scrape/extract details (id, name, email …) of peoples, stories, groups, events.

 FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH HELP YOU TO- Searching for the viral post, video, pictures, articles, etc.- Searching for the best selling and trending products in teespring, viralstyle, amazon, etc.- Looking for peoples who are currently in need of your product with more criteria.- Searching and building relationships with people who potentially. Potential business partners, distributors, resellers, recruiting a downline, looking for employees, etc.- Searching for a group that contains people who want your product.- Searching for pages that liked by target audience.- Mapping the topic and explore new ideas for your next product.- Searching and mapping the interest to sharpen or expand the range of ad targeting ads.- Knowing who your competitors and Dismantling of their marketing strategy on Facebook.- Scraping user details (id, facebook email, location …) from ids.- Scraping users from joined to a group, pages or an event …- Scraping group details (id, name, status joined/unjoin, members …) from ids.- Scraping page details (id, name, category, email, website, phone …) from ids.- Scraping users who liked a post, go/went/invited to an event, liked a page …- There are still dozens of other benefits that you can get … ARE YOU SMART MARKETER?- Did you knew, Facebook is a giant database? With 1.3 billion users from around the world, 30 billion content in the post every month (photo, video, link …), interact with 900+ million objects (fans page, group, place …).- Facebook know all thing about you? From the age, gender, occupation, hobbies, interests, and even anything that we talked about on Facebook, all recorded and stored neatly in their database.- But this makes up into a best Place to Perform RESEARCH.- Suppose you want selling tshirt. It would be more effective if tshirt design that you sell proven preferred by users of Facebook, right? Or you are planning to market a product on facebook? You want a specific users to know this product? All you need to do is searching for the data and information you need.- The software help you on “facebook graph search”?- The data that we get from a particular search, can sharpen our ad targeting capabilities. FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH- At the December 2014 Facebook Search Engine has changed.[Image: gs_old_new.jpg]– There are hundreds of search criteria that you need to combine. With the Facebook Graph Search, you can search and filter various search criteria quickly and easily, without having to memorize. So you can find any data on Facebook, which you can use as a basis to formulate your marketing strategy on Facebook. USAGE IDEAS- Looking for viral content Photo, Video, Articles which you can use to- * Boost the post on your fanpage.- * Increase CTR ads on Facebook.- * Bring new users to your website/blog.- Break the marketing strategies of competitors. You can know:- * How competitors are doing promotions. AND MORE- Even if you do not use Facebook for your BUSINESS MARKETING, The Facebook Graph Search can make your activities on Facebook become more enjoyable. You can search for posts from your friends. Revived old memories together with a friend.- Facebook Graph Search help you to searching for peoples by specify criteria. Here is the complete list of filters that you can use THERE ARE STILL DOZENS OF OTHER BENEFITS THAT YOU CAN GET …
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