This will be my first thread & contribution for this great forum. I apologize if you don’t understand what I will write as English is not my daily language.

Ubotstudio is my primary tools in creating bots. I have created several bots using ubot, from simple one like traffic bot to advance complex bot like implementing self learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a trading bot.

What I will share in this thread is a simple admob bot. The bot will do auto impression, auto click, auto clear cookies & cache to the random admob ads that show-up in the page. My average earning using this bot is about $5 usd per hour.

Running the bot for 3 hours and the result:

[Image: admob_3_hours.png]

The steps:

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Open your vpn tool & change your ip first before start the bot.
fill in your pub-id & ads-id in the box & hit the start button. If the ads not show-up, change the ip & hit the start button again.

[Image: Ads_Bot.png]

The bot will stay in the page for about 30-60 seconds before next process.
To stop it just click the stop button.

Thats all the process. If you have any question, ask me by quote me or pm me. The bot was made by ubotstudio so expect a false positive detection by your av.

I hope it wiil benefit you….

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