Are You Tired of Not Getting Your Links Indexed?Watch this video to discover Powerful Indexing method that can index up to 70% – 80% of all links submitted in a matter of minutes!

 Why choose Magic Indexer over other Backlink Indexers?
[Image: 3D%20bar%20chart.png]High Indexing Rate Magic Indexer usual links indexing  rate is 70-80%
[Image: 2d%20pie%20chart.png]Fast IndexingMost of links are indexed within 5-10 minutes
[Image: Apply%20user.png]Easy SetupIt takes just 5 minutes to setup software and start links indexing
[Image: Sections.png]Integrated With The BestMagic Indexer can get links automatically from most backlinks building sofwares like Magic Submitter, Senuke TNG, GSA Search Engine Ranke

[Image: Hint.png]Do I need Google PVA?No PVA accounts needed in Magic Indexer PRO.
[Image: Hint.png]Do I need proxies?Magic Indexer PRO can work without proxies at all but it will process 100 links per day max. We recommend to use proxies still to hide your own IP.
[Image: Hint.png]How Many links Magic Indexer can index per dayIt depends on how many proxies you setup. One account can process 100 links per day. So having 10 proxies you may process 1000 links per day or 30000 links per month

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