[Image: INSIGHT-ZILLA2.png]Attention!! Facebook Marketer ! Avoid waste of money and TIME in vain for research and targeting Facebook Ads!Phenomenal Tools That Can Dig Up Facebook’s “Treasure Potential”, Discovering Potential Ad Potential Ad Viewers In A Very Short Time ! And it has been used by 6,000+ Online Businessmen like you …Discover the audience of potential and hidden facebook ads targeting your products and business market segments !  Ever when you advertise on facebook often feel like this? : 

  • It takes a long time for RISET anyone targeting targeted facebook advertising … 
  • Just find the targeted audience (audience) with a small amount … (Psst .., where there is a hidden audience) 
  • Confused after collecting the audience, who else can be targeted … 

I used to feel like that, but Me and Thousands of other Facebook Marketers waiting for this tool, now is the time you also realize it, so you will no longer feel that way. 

[Image: photo.png]Nofi Bayu Darmawan 

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 , Founder 

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(Agency for Facebook Marketing that has handled over 1000+ SMEs and Brands in Indonesia) Assalamu`alaikum …,Warm greetings to all Facebook Marketers in Indonesia and Malaysia, here I want to share how important targeting audiences facebook ads and why you should remove the problems above!TARGETING the right .., become an important point in advertising on facebook, how not?Targeting will further create your ad: 

  • Reaching more people at low cost …Why? The more appropriate targeting , the more people who action on our facebook ads (CTR), when more and more result in facebook ads performance , the ad coverage will be more extensive than usual.
  • More to increase sales conversions because the target is right …

Now you are no longer confused about TARGETING facebook ads, moreover, you can RESET Targeting with very-very save time ….! Boom!Presenting Special For You …..And previously used by 6.000+ Marketer from Indonesia & Malaysia 
[Image: cover-iz-3d.png]Version 4.0  More Powerful than Previous Version If you are still a beginner in Facebook Advertising, Then you need this22 Reasons Why Facebook Advertisers Like You Do not Miss The InsightZilla ! 1. You Ga More Confused How to Explore Ideas Targeting Facebook Ads with InsightZilla Presence …. Why? You need to read the sequel to the end, so you know why to use InsightZilla …. 

2. Confused Targeting Ideas? Get Started From SIMPLE Keyword (Keyword) ! Start Using InsightZilla from Easy and Simple … 1 Simple Keyword (Keyword that is easy on your mind), will open the gate potential “treasure” audience to targeting facebook ads. No need to get tired of brainstorming right brain and type one by one …, any ideas come up? Input! 3. ONCE Click and “BIG DATA” Open …Click and Go! No hassle, and tara! Appears a lot of “fish” that you are ready to provoke for target ads …., whatever your business segment? type an easy thing and GO …! 
“… Can not believe it, I used it all to use Audience Insight, the process manual , one2 , it was recorded on thepaper.It’s really time consuming.In the use of InsightZilla, the 1-hour job is done instantly , so if you have towaste, waste of time , now work so very efficiently so I canconcentrate more on my business .. Very Recommended Tools ..! ” (*) 
[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-02-23-at-8.45.40-PM.png]– Denny Santoso , DigitalMarketer.id, StartUpBisnis.com – 
4. How many data lines do you need, you can see in 1 page … Audience gained so much …, and you can display all you want on 1 page …., nice right? 5. And Do not Worry That We Prepare Sort By Category Targeting …. Targeting what suits your type? interest, hobbies, likes, majors in college, lessons at school, college / school places, work and what to do on their job. .., all complete here related to the behavior of the audience ..
” … It’s Very COOL! That’s my first impression when trying this amazing tool, Insightzilla really eases and streamlinestime in searching interest2 fb.Previously I already have similar tools made by outsiders,but insightzilla is much better in my opinion with therelated pages of interest2 that we input. Thank you mas Nofi and developers who have made this Cetar tools and very proud of this product made by the nation. Two Thumbs Up! … ” (*) 
[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-04-02-at-7.33.37-AM.png]– Hengky Ongko, Teespring Seller –
6. And What Your Priority In The Choice Of Audience? You can sort in terms of Total Audience from which targeting the most … What is the ideal number of your target audience? you can estimate by looking at the data the number of potential audiences and can sort it from start at most …, “the fish are ready to be collected …” 7. Tired of Choosing? You Can Select AllAudience Shown on the 1 Pages …Select “Select All” and all potential audiences are ready to target everything with 1 time CLICK …. 

8. Or You Want to Check Which is Most Relevant , and Check the Amount, you can checklist as you wish … Maybe you want to be more careful, checking by relevance of names and the number of the right audience, live check, check, checklist that you want … 9. If you want manual research, InsightZilla has advanced features , a fanpage-fanpage marker that enters INTEREST with a fire icon . Not only that, you do not need to copy or re-type the name of the fanpage you want to researched, but just click the firemark (just copy it), then just paste in the audience insight to continue research! 

“… Cool, I’m looking for interest and its derivatives for ClickBank product target just need to enter 1 word aja .. later all the related interest results will be displayed all.Close select, continue to be copied aja.Fan Page related to the interest we also get. really …. ” (*) 
[Image: andi-ikhrom-merah-circle-150-2.png]-Andh Ikhrom, FBtoCB – No Monthly Fees and FREE updates for the next version ->

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10. Hmm, this tool is not just based on Keyword, but based on Relevance .., targeting that appears so limited ga deh … Unlike search engines, the audience you find .., available also to the relevant audience …, prove it … 11. Ease .., can be filtered with search feature ….. The number of results that appear, you can be sure again by absorbing based on additional keywords … Smile 

12. Want to Dig Deeper “Treasure” it? Let’s Use Related Page Features, and Taraaa …. Expanding the relevant audiences that are similar to the targeted audience …, this feature may not be encountered in other tools-tools …, enjoy … This will make you discover a “new world” where potential advertisers are there …”More USEFUL than InsightHore !!!” (*) 
[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-02-22-at-8.43.58-PM.png]
[Image: lowres.png]– Bramantya Farid, SimpleIMMentor.id – 13. You, how nice to be able to choose the relevant Fanpage from the interest sought, and filtered again by relevance ( AFFINITY ) …, steady … Sort the relevant fanpage based on the relevance level ( affinity ) , can be ….

14. And if you want “Kepo” in a smart way , look at the Talking About Thiscolumn. So you can analyze the activeaudience that you want to target …, can be sorted from the largest also Want more detail analyzing the relevant fanpage? Can click on the fanpage link or just analyze how active, you can get the data in Talking About This (TAT) … 15. Finally, it only takes 1 time CLICK to copy the results of your work, both from targeting by keyword or related page …, Boom! Live copying targeting-targeting that you checklist …., and sorted …… 

16. Mute FEATURES! Can detect a Fanpage that is RELEVANT AND ALREADY IN INTEREST or NOT … The features are very steady! If we use the default feature of Facebook, the Audience Insight, not found a cool feature really like this! 17. EXPAND Features in Audience Insight: To see more detail and not cut Interest that appear in Audience Insight seen also Category Interest it! So clearly visible full interest and not the origin of clicks and wrong select! 
“I’ve tried using InsightZilla , Cool Banget, saving time in finding target markets and sharpening segmented demographics …” (*)
[Image: KE5C5dX4h2e3ouLZvMn65cPfPl1oxYT8RC3EMyc6...h800-rw-no]– Slamet Sukardi, RajaPesbuk.com  
18. Make your Audience target size real update by looking at the total audience you’ve collected … How many audience did you collect? Ideal kah? Let’s monitor …. 19. As easy as Ctrl C + Ctrl V ( Copy Paste ), data you select and analysis, direct input in Targeting Section Facebook Ads by taking time 1 Second , and Paste …..! Very Easy and Fast!

20. You can use INTEREST which you research with InsightZilla at any time because there is SAVE data interest feature! This makes you not back and forth research! 21. Wide-Insight Features: To generate Interest ideas from Wikipedia, Movie, Books and Domain A Web! Very, very useful! explore and discover new interests! 

22. Right Click Features Interest Analysis; make it easy when we find fanpage and want to be analyzedwhether incoming interest or not … Sometimes we surf the internet for research, look around the fanpage of others, now with this feature directly once right click we can know this fanpage into the interest or not! 


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