Earning bitcoins made easy with coins.ph all you need is to invite members to sign up and verify their account. Both will receive ***8369;50 that can be easily converted to BTC that you can transfer to your own existing bitcoinwallet address without any charges.

1. Sign up from this link You are not allowed to view links.

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to view.

2. Follow verification steps and wait for approval before you get the reward
3. ID for verification (Passport preferable)
*no verification means no reward*

***IDs accepted***
FOREIGNERS(outside from PHL)
If you’re a foreigner, don’t worry! You can still create and maintain a Coins.ph account. Kindly note that per Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regulations, we may only accept your passport as an acceptable form of ID Verification.

For those residing in the Philippines here’s a list of accepted IDs (You are not allowed to view links.

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to view.)

Once you signed up from the given link you will need to complete the verification process, if you don’t want to verify then do not join since you will not be receiving the ***8369;50 reward (roughly $1.00 equivalent)

Countries not allowed to join and not covered from their service:
Myanmar (Burma)
Papua New Guinea
North Korea

Upon logging in to your account you need to verify your account by following the steps as shown.
[Image: http:]
Again not verifying your account means no reward, so if you don’t complete the process don’t waste your time signing up.
[Image: http:]
Wait for the approval for your verification, you will receive a notification from your email once approved.

You can simply convert the ***8369;50 reward to bitcoins as shown.
[Image: http:]
To get your coins.ph bitcoin wallet address you can simply access the highlighted box or simply click the send button to transfer to your existing bitcoin wallet address.
[Image: http:]
You can simply invite others to join and must also follow the steps in verifying their account so both of you get rewarded with ***8369;50 each.

ID verification is needed to refrain cheaters making multiple accounts to get the rewards from coins.ph. Take note that ***8369;50 ($1.00) multiplied by number of invites who qualify to verify their account without any investment is a great profit just by signing up.

Good luck! Happy earnings


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